MARS, Inc. (aka Mars Petcare) has trademarked the term A Better World For Pets™ and claim that their brands “serve the nutrition and health needs of dogs, cats, horses, fish and birds every day”. But does MARS really care about your cat?

Last year a MARS pet food facility in Ohio was cited by the FDA for being infested with roaches. Consumers also reported finding plastic in their wet food made by MARS brands, Pedigree, Cesar, Whiskas, Nutro and IAMS. It took them 9 months to correct the problem and pass inspection again.

The ingredients within MARS brands are, to put it lightly, biologically INappropriate for our cats. Royal Canin, IAMs, Pedigree, Temptations, among other brands are made with feed grade ingredients and are packed with corn, wheat, soy and rice. These ingredients aren’t just unnecessary, but they’re actually unhealthy for our cats. The meats they use aren’t fit for human consumption and are sourced from rendering plants that also use waste from restaurants and clinics. We might as well just feed our cats their candy bars instead.

Why do they use such low quality ingredients? Because they care about your cat? No. They use these ingredients because it’s cheap. Buying cheap ingredients means that they can pass along some of those savings to you. And nearly 96% of cat parents literally buy into this.

So MARS, Inc continues to grow.

In 2007 MARS bought Banfield Pet Hospitals and last year they purchased VCA (Veterinary Centers of America). They enforce a “protocol” for veterinarians at their clinics so vets are no longer allowed to use their best judgement when it comes to treating our pets.

This is a multi-billion dollar “candy bar” company… and you really think they care about your cat? Think again.

My opinion? MARS is making billions from pet food that will send your cat to their vet clinics and send you out the door with a big vet bill and perhaps (the cherry on top) an expensive bag of their own ‘prescription’ cat food.

We want to believe that everyone cares about animals in general – but with all the information available about pet health, I can’t think MARS actually cares. I think they’re clever. I think they bought an industry that feeds the one they already built.

Honestly, I rarely indulge such a negative opinion about anything – but sadly feel strongly that the research and reality of this company leaves me no other option.

We always say that once we know better, we do better. If you care about your cat’s health, do your research and treat them as family. Don’t buy into the marketing schemes that will harm your loved ones. If you give the body what it needs, it heals itself. Let’s do better by our kitties.



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