Tips For Cats With Asthma

Indoor cats with asthma can have symptoms triggered by basic items in your home. We often don’t even think about how the products we use as humans affect our kitties, but they do. For those of you who have cats with asthma or chronic respiratory problems, here...

Are My Candles Safe For Cats?

Everyone loves a nice, fragrant home. Those of us with several cats are often extra cautious of the odor in our house. Because of this we purchase ‘smell goods’ to enhance the aroma. Yankee candles have always been a favorite of ours, but are candles safe...
Cat Sneezing Facts You Should Know

Cat Sneezing Facts You Should Know

Kitty parents can get concerned when they see their cat sneezing. If the issue is mild and only happens every once in awhile, there may be nothing to worry about. However, if this is a reoccurring or chronic problem you will want to take action. Here are some facts to...
How To Fix A Cat Cold The Right Way

How To Fix A Cat Cold The Right Way

Your cat is sneezing, congested, not eating properly and seeming to sleep more than usual. You’re not sure what to do and a vet visit is so expensive. Is this a cat cold? Do cats get colds? Will it run its course or should I do something right away to help my...
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