Everyone loves a nice, fragrant home. Those of us with several cats are often extra cautious of the odor in our house. Because of this we purchase ‘smell goods’ to enhance the aroma. Yankee candles have always been a favorite of ours, but are candles safe for cats?

It’s our job to control our little indoor fur-babies’ environment – and that includes the air they breathe. Most commercial candles are made with paraffin, which is residue from petroleum and can be harmful to us and our cats. In fact, breathing in fumes from these paraffin candles is compared to inhaling diesel fumes. They conducted studies at the Florida Department of Health and found that the soot collected from the candle emissions was similar to diesel engine exhaust.

The American Lung Association and EPA also warn against using these commercial candles because of the toxins they produce. Four of these toxins are known to cause cancer. We may worry about the candles being safe for cats, but this is also a good reminder to be cautious with our own health as well when burning candles.

Candles Safe For Cats

Organic wax candles are a great alternative to the commercial paraffin candles and are safe for you and your cat. Soy, beeswax and coconut wax candles do not burn with toxins and are environmentally friendly as well. They burn cleanly and safely without risk. In addition, they also burn much longer than traditional candles, so you can enjoy the aroma longer. Some say beeswax candles even purify the air, which is an added benefit!

The safest route is to use non-scented candles, but many makers will use pure essential oils for fragrance and aroma. Be sure to ask the manufacturer what they use to make their candles before burning. Safe candle makers will be happy to share their ingredients with you.



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