Kitty parents can get concerned when they see their cat sneezing. If the issue is mild and only happens every once in awhile, there may be nothing to worry about. However, if this is a reoccurring or chronic problem you will want to take action. Here are some facts to know about your furbabies’ sneezing.

Fact #1: Household items can cause cat sneezing.

Room sprays, fragrant plugins, candles and carpet deodorizers are chemical irritants and can cause inflammation in the membranes of your cats nose. Try using an essential oil diffuser or boil some potpourri on the stove.

Fact #2: Dusty litter can cause your cat to sneeze.

Clay litter that creates dust when stirred is a common cause of cat sneezing and can even lead to respiratory illnesses down the road. Switch to a dust-free natural litter made of pine or walnut shells. It will help your respiratory system as well. 🙂

Fact #3: Respiratory vaccinations can create a cat sneezing reaction.

If your kitty was recently given vaccines, they will often times show symptoms of a respiratory illness by sneezing for a few days. This will usually go away on its own, but be sure to do your due diligence when it comes to vaccinating your cat.

Fact #4: Dental disease could be the culprit of cat sneezing.

If your cat’s sneezing is chronic, make sure to check for dental disease. An infection in the tooth can cause bacteria to leak to your cat’s nasal cavity and it will require immediate attention.

Fact #5: Cat sneezing is also a symptom of a respiratory infection.

The most common respiratory illnesses in cats are the herpes virus and Calicivirus. If your kitty has nasal discharge and is exhibiting other respiratory symptoms, it is time to treat the problem. Get a professional opinion, but be aware that most veterinarians treat respiratory problems in cats with antibiotics. These drugs help the bacterial issue but do not address the viral issue. We treat our cats with Oxy-Cat when they are sneezing and/or coughing. It’s simple to mix this in a vaporizer with water so they are able to breathe in the vapors, which breaks up the congestion. We also add a few drops to their food twice daily. The issue is usually better within a day or two.


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