Do You Have Your Cat’s Back?

Do you have your cat's back when it comes to your daily decisions?

Being a cat parent is special responsibility – and requires that we have our cat’s back when making daily decisions. But sometimes we unknowingly forget to be considerate of our kitties in our busy lives – so we’d like to highlight a few thoughts to ponder.

Many people think cats are easy pets to parent – just because cats don’t have to be taken for daily walks and use a litter box. But in fact, there are many aspects of caring for a kitty that require special attention.

Tips For Having Your Cat’s Back

  1. Do you have a roommate or family member living with you that wants to declaw your kitty? This can be an issue in some households because cats like to scratch furniture or carpet. Please know, however, that declawing your cat is not in his/her best interest. Declawing is a cruel procedure – essentially amputating half of a cat’s paw – and thankfully is now illegal in a number of states. There are plenty of other ways that we can keep our kitties from destroying property and still have their best interest at heart. You can click here for other ideas on how to stop this behavior.
  2. If there are members of your household that love a good smelling fragrance at all times, consider giving them more natural ideas for aroma. Chemical household fragrances like aerosol sprays, plugins and scented candles can be toxic to our cats. They are also one of the leading causes of asthma and allergies in cats. It’s in the best interest of your kitty to not use these fragrances in the home – and instead find more natural alternatives.
  3. How often do you vaccinate your cats? This lesson is tricky and one we learned the hard way. While our intentions are pure and intended to protect our kitties, frequent vaccines can actually do more harm than good. Do some research on the effects of over-vaccinating and alternative solutions.
  4. Chemical household cleaners are effecting our cats in a negative way and sometimes we overlook this.  Our cats walk on the floors and counters in our home and whatever we use to clean those things is absorbed through the paw pads – as well as ingested when grooming. To have your cat’s back, try using alternative cleaning solutions instead.

These are just a few of many ways we can be sure to be considerate of our kitties and treat them less like a pet and more like a family member. 🙂

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