Making A Cat House Smell Good Again

If you think you have that Cat House Smell try these natural and easy ways to make your place smell good again

Ever wonder if your home has that cat house smell to it? You know, the litter box scent mixed with a stale kind of smell. We love a good fragrant home, and sometimes that can be a challenge when you have cats – because we have to think about their health.

We used to have plugins in almost every room of the house. When company was coming over we would even spray Febreze on our furniture to enhance the aroma. Around the holidays we would buy expensive candles and burn them all day long. Scent was important to us. It still is.

Once we learned that our household fragrances were toxic to our cats – and likely the reason our kitty, Tigee, had asthma – we had to make a change. Going from an amazing smelling home to no-smelling home was difficult so we started looking into other options for scent.

How to make a cat house smell good – Naturally

There are natural ways that you can enhance the scent in your home. One of the easiest ways is to simply open your windows. There’s nothing better than the scent of fresh air – and the smallest breeze helps all the stale air move out.

Another option is to boil some water on the stove and add mint or lemon, lime & orange peels. You could also add cinnamon sticks and cloves to the mix. Turn it down on low and let it simmer for a lovely fragrance.

Air purifiers don’t just help the scent in your house, they also help clean the air you and your cats breathe. This is well worth the investment and helps stop the stale air smell.

And, something that’s new to us – and maybe many of you – is diffusing essential oils in our home… but this comes with a BIG warning label. Many – if not most – essential oils (or EOs) are harmful to your kitties. Some can be downright dangerous. Before using any essential oils in your house, be 100% sure that they are safe for cats. Right now,  AnimalEO is the only company we currently trust to make EOs that are safe to diffuse around our cats.

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