When you’re dealing with cats and fleas, the situation can get tricky. Many of us cat parents are reactive instead of proactive with our indoor kitties – because we believe that they’re not susceptible to fleas. And that’s where we’re wrong.

Fleas are crazy little buggers – and they reproduce at a rapid rate. Just opening your front door can let one little flea jump into your house and create a big problem for you and your cats. This is when cat parents become reactive and run out to get some over the counter flea meds.

But is this necessary? 

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Cats and Fleas – How to Take Control

There are two main reasons that we promote natural flea care for cats – and both of them have to do with the chemicals used in traditional treatments.

  1. These chemicals have to process through the liver and kidneys of cats. Regardless of how your traditional flea product is applied, the chemicals are poisons that wreak havoc on your kitty’s organs. Over time, this can lead to serious illness. Just because your cat isn’t experiencing immediate side effects doesn’t mean that they won’t down the road.
  2. The chemicals in flea products make your cat more susceptible to fleas in the future. As stated above, chemical flea products weaken your cat’s organs and immune system. Fleas are attracted to an already compromised host animal – a weak link – which is why you often see kittens infested with them. The products demand that you continue to buy more each month and year because they’re not actually protecting your cat.

We weren’t always proactive cat parents. We didn’t know any better. Now that we know better, we do better. Using safe, natural, chemical-free flea products as a preventative in your home insures that your cat doesn’t suffer short or long term side effects and keeps their organs happy and healthy. Let’s be proactive cat parents this flea season and give our kitties the safe protection they deserve!


Natural Flea Product for Cats (& Dogs)

Flea-eX for Cats



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