This flea season is one of the worst in recent history – and traditional cat flea treatments are flying off the shelves. As cat parents, we all want to take care of this itchy, irritating infestation as soon as possible. However, in the rush to treat the fleas, it’s important to remember how serious many side-effects from these traditional cat flea treatments can be.

Spot-on flea and tick treatments are understandably popular among cat parents. They’re fast and easy to use – and they’re considered ‘safe’ to use for most cats. The problem, however, is that there is no warning if your cat doesn’t fit into the “most cats” scenario.

These spot flea treatments release insecticides over a long period of time. Yes they kill the bugs, but our cats are also absorbing these powerful chemicals – like pyrethroids, which are known to cause seizures, stumbling, hyperthermia (very high body temp) and even death in cats.

Pyrethroids are long-lasting, synthetic toxins. Check the ingredients of your cat flea treatments for any of the following: allethrin, cypermethrin, deltamethrin, fenvalerate, fluvalinate, permethrin, phenothrin, tetramethrin, or etofenprox.

These toxins are known to cause adverse reactions in cats – and studies show long term use of these chemicals may contribute to the development of disease or shortened life span. Many side-effects may seem small, such as drooling, ear or tail twitching, or excessive paw licking – but we believe any chemical that causes a reaction is not one we want to give our babies.

And why would we? There are so many natural cat flea treatments now available on the market. Yes, it may take more than one application, but the cost is usually lower and the outcome is substantially better – a flea free healthy baby!

We are so passionate about safe and natural products. We only want the best for our babies and yours. Please, take the time to find a natural, safe and effective cat flea treatment  for your furrbaby.


All-Natural Flea Treatment for Cats


Flea-eX for Cats



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