As knowledge in the pet parent society grows, more and more people are looking for natural flea treatments for their cats and dogs. Others are questioning this change in perspective, as they feel that the chemical flea treatments have worked in the past. Here are 3 facts about using natural vs. chemical flea treatments.

1. Natural Flea Treatments Take Extra Effort

Let’s face it. We live in a society of instant gratification. There is a pill for everything, which is why the pharmaceutical industry makes trillions of dollars every year. When it comes to flea treatments – same thing. You can “bomb” your house or simply put a collar on your cat and it’ll keep the bastards away without any extra effort. It’s my firm belief, however, that the dangers of chemical flea treatments (including collars, shampoos, pills, etc.) far outweigh the convenient benefits. Sure – natural flea treatments may take more effort, may take longer to work, may need to be used more often and may cost a bit more at the end of the day to get a flea infestation under control – BUT – knowing our family cat will never be at risk of the potential side-effects of chemical flea treatments is worth far more than the few pennies and small effort natural solutions cost.

2. Chemical Flea Treatments Contain Toxins That Can Cause Seizures, Violent Vomiting or Death

A few years back, the EPA received more than 44,000 complaints of adverse reactions in their pets after using over-the-counter flea treatments – mostly seizures, violent vomiting and/or death. 44,000 seems like a lot, but what about all the pet parents that didn’t complain? What about those who never linked the illnesses to their regular flea treatment?

I recently saw a video online of a cat having a seizure after being given Frontline for fleas. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It broke my heart. If you’ve ever experienced a beloved pet having a seizure you wouldn’t dare take the risk of giving them something that could cause them that much pain. Other side-effects of traditional flea treatments include: profuse drooling, tremoring, hyperexcitability (excessively excitable), agitation, weakness and difficulty breathing. We prefer to stick with natural flea treatments to avoid any and all of the above.

3. Fleas Are Not Attracted To The Healthiest Of Cats

Fleas are parasites, and are only drawn to the weakest of hosts. Every time you administer a chemical to your cat’s body, the immune system is compromised at some level. This includes medications, vaccinations and chemical flea & tick treatments. So, essentially, the traditional flea treatments are set up for you to have to continue purchasing more and more product. Feeding a high quality balanced diet, keeping a regular exercise routine, and using natural flea treatments will help prevent these nasty little parasites from invading your home and animals.

In closing, if instant gratification of ridding the fleas from your home and cat is of utmost importance, please be safe with which chemical flea treatments you pick and how you administer them.

And if you’re not a risk taker with your kitty, check out our all natural flea treatment for cats below…


Natural Flea Treatment


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