Flea season is upon us and it’s time to take a closer look at our flea treatments for cats. Most cat parents think, since their cats haven’t had an immediate bad reaction to chemical flea treatments, they’re safe. Unfortunately the long term side effects of chemical based flea treatments are often even worse for our kitties.

Over-the-counter flea medications for cats have been reported (for years!) to cause seizures, autoimmune issues, skin disease, cancer and even death. For whatever reason, however, they are still legal to sell. They are quick and inexpensive flea treatments for cats and are appealing to many cat parents because of this.

Natural flea treatments have been around for years and can be credited for saving the lives of many pets. Mother nature gives us protection from pests, like fleas, and those of us who recognize this use it to our cat’s advantage. If we can easily prevent and treat fleas in our cats without the use of harsh chemicals, why are we still buying these treatments?

The sad truth is that many veterinarians still recommend chemical flea treatments like Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution. These types of products contain carcinogens and toxic ingredients. The EPA constantly pressures the FDA to require more safety regulations for flea products to protect our pets. When it comes to health, however, the FDA doesn’t deem it important.

Lack of regulation in pet food and pet products is the main reason we are seeing a huge epidemic of disease in our cats. Pet parents are unknowingly poisoning their cats because they’re told that these products are “safe and effective”. It’s time for cat parents to stand up for the health and life of our voiceless felines and refuse dangerous flea treatments for cats.

If you’re looking for an actual safe and effective flea treatment and/or preventative for your kitties, do some research on the ingredients before purchasing. Or just ask us! 🙂


Safe & Natural Flea Treatment for Cats


Flea-eX for Cats



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