It’s interesting to learn why your cat gets fleas, even when they never go outside. While any cat is susceptible to a flea bite, these parasites are less attracted to healthy cats. If you wonder why your cat gets fleas or flea infestations each year, it might be time to look at her diet.

Cats who have a weakened or underdeveloped immune system will be more attractive to these blood sucking parasites. Have you ever wondered why some pets in the household don’t get fleas while others do? This is a direct result of an unhealthy pet. Because of this, it’s possible that we can deter – and even prevent – fleas with a healthy cat and natural prevention.

I find it ironic that there are so many lethal, chemical based pesticides recommended by veterinarians. Every time a chemical enters our pet’s bodies there is a reaction. Just because we can’t always see what these chemicals are doing to the organs and overall health of our cats, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. These pesticides must be processed through our cat’s liver and kidneys – and each application makes takes a toll on our cat’s overall health.

Thus, making them more attractive to fleas… So the awful cycle of infestation followed by chemical treatments continues. The only thing that benefits from this is the flea pesticide industry.

So let’s stop the cycle! Long term prevention of fleas should include feeding your cat a species appropriate diet and adding in immune building supplements. In addition to this, there are plenty of natural, non-harmful flea preventatives on the market. Why wouldn’t we use something that is not going to harm our kitties in the long run anyway?

Using harmful flea control products might kill the fleas quickly and appear to be the only option, but that’s not true. Cat parents with healthy kitties have been successful for many years using natural flea control.

Please don’t believe the hype about chemical flea control. Do your cat a favor. Feed her healthy foods, add in supplemental care and only use natural flea control. She’ll thank you later. 🙂


Natural Flea Product for Cats (& Dogs!)

Flea-eX for Cats



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