Lately we’ve had several cat parents reach out to us about their kitties with hyperesthesia (FHS). Because this is an idiopathic condition (meaning the cause is unknown), many conventional veterinarians aren’t sure how to help. Often this results in pharmaceutical treatments that do little more than provide extra adverse side-effects. This approach isn’t ideal for the already struggling cat, so we want to share how we’ve been able to help FHS kitties.

We first heard about feline hyperesthesia when customers started reaching out. Since we had never heard of this before, we dove into research. We tested some of our products on these kitties (since it couldn’t hurt) and found success. But research didn’t just stop there.

We kept digging deeper into ways that cat parents can best help their cat with hyperesthesia have a great quality of life. We learned that FHS is directly related to both nutritional and environmental stress. Knowing this, we’re able to offer our customers and followers more ways to help their kitties with this syndrome. Here’s some tried and true tips for you…

4 Tips On How To Help A Cat With Feline Hyperesthesia

  1. Feed a low carbohydrate, high quality diet. It’s interesting that many don’t link the correlation between food and feline hyperesthesia, but we have seen the connection first hand. And it makes sense. When we eat ultra processed diets that are high in carbohydrates, our stress is worse. Doctors will tell you that eating a healthy diet helps reduce stress – and the same goes for our cats. Carbohydrates cause inflammation in the body and all kibble is high in carbs. Ditch the kibble and replace it with a species appropriate, moisture rich diet.
  2. Exercise your kitty. Exercise is literally the best natural way to reduce stress. Cats with feline hyperesthesia that are put on an active, routine playtime schedule by their owners show significant reduction in episodes.
  3. Get rid of chemicals in the home. Studies have shown that indoor cats can have up to 78% of your household cleaners in their bloodstream at any time! Imagine what that does your your kitty’s internal stress and well-being. Replacing chemical household cleaners and fragrances with natural cleaners and fragrances can relieve many symptoms in cats and reduce the triggers of FHS.
  4. Offer natural supplements to help aid in reduction of anxiety and inflammation in the body. Many veterinarians will give your FHS cat harsh drugs that can turn them into a shell of their former selves. While these psychosomatic medications may help the symptoms, they tend to harm the overall health of cats. Why reduce their quality of life if we can use natural and alternative treatments to take that edge off?

We’ve been successfully helping cats with feline hyperesthesia syndrome for years now, by simply following the above steps. If you have a cat with feline hyperesthesia, consider approaching the issue holistically to help your kitty live a happier and healthier life.


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