Feline Hyperesthesia Kit

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Is your cat itching & twitching?

The Feline Hyperesthesia Kit combines two all natural & powerful formulas that have proven to help kitties struggling with FHS. By simply adding these all-natural liquid formulas to your cat’s diet, you will be giving him/her the best tools needed for a longer, healthier and calmer life. This kit provides essential ingredients needed to address inflammation as well as the nutritional and environmental stressors that plague cats with FHS. Description below.


Our Feline Hyperesthesia Kit continues to help cats who are battling feline hyperesthesia syndrome (FHS) - naturally and effectively. By combining CATalyst and Cat Calm together in your cat's daily diet, you'll be addressing both the internal and environmental stressors that literally 'eat away' at cats with FHS. This kit contains no toxins or chemicals that will threaten the healthy function of other essential organs, like the liver and kidneys. It is simple to administer - just add the recommended dosage with a little added water to your cat's wet food daily. It's fuss-free and you'll see the results quickly. Doubling the regular dosage for the first week is recommended for even faster results.

Essential Ingredients:

CATalyst (2oz): Amylase, Catalase, Lipase, Protease, Superoxide Dismutase

Cat Calm (1oz): 80 herbs, 21 minerals and 7 exotic plant extracts

DirectionsSimply add the recommended dosage of each product (located on bottle) to your cat's wet food, twice daily for 7 days. Thereafter, you may add the recommended dosage once daily.

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42 reviews for Feline Hyperesthesia Kit

  1. Nina G (Verified Customer)

    My 1 year old, Gunner, went to the vet for the first time since he was a 4 mo kitten. After his shots, I noticed he was “itching and twitching.” This worried me and looked into it. After lots of digging I stumbled across these products, catalyst and cat calm. I gave it a shot and boy I glad I did. Gunner’s “episodes” seem to have gone to a minimal. Will continue to use this product as I see very positive results just after 2 weeks use.

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  2. Tracy Johnson (Verified Customer)

    Been trying catalyst for a couple of weeks now. Hasn’t helped at all. Cat calm I can’t even get him to eat or drink with that.

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  3. Kathryn W. (Verified Customer)

    I’ve had to gradually add the product gradually to Roman’s food because he knows it’s there but after two days, there have not been any episodes of frantic racing around the house nor frantic licking. I occasionally see his back rippling but he doesn’t react to it at all. Thank you Crazy Cat Ladies!

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  4. Crystal A Seidel

    Tried catalyst and cat calm,to no avail. I took my cat to the vet and discussed it with her. She is now on a medication that seems to be helping. (It is not a barbiturate.) I am happy with the results! Always contact your vet if you suspect hyperesthesia. There are several causes that need to be figured out. Everything I have read about it says they put them on barbiturates but that’s not true.

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  5. Catese Chaffee (Verified Customer)

    My cat won’t touch anything I put it on – so I can’t even try it!

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  6. Janet P. (Verified Customer)

    The FH kit improves my kitty’s quality of life every single day. I put doses in his food in the AM and PM. He never missed a beat eating as usual! He’s only three, an adopted boyo from the shelter, and I’m so grateful these treatments let his beautiful little soul shine through without seizures

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  7. Joni Lopez (Verified Customer)

    This has helped my cat immeasurably. She was miserable and had mowed all the hair off of her her outer thighs and the top of her tail. My vet wanted to put her on some sort of feline Prozac type of drug which he said she would have to take for the rest of her life. She’s only 6 and it broke my heart to think of doing that to her. She’s been taking this Hyperesthesia kit for 3 weeks now and her fur is growing back beautifully and most importantly she is back to being a happy go luck cat. Thankfully my vet is open to holistic healing and the raw diets. I can’t wait until he sees her for her mani/pedi next week. He will be as ecstatic as I am and I’m sure he will recommend this to his other clients. I can’t thank you ladies enough. You’ve changed her life. Bless your hearts.

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  8. Jenni (Verified Customer)

    My cats are a bit picky but they seem to not mind the taste of the catalyst. I cant pinpoint any likes or dislikes to it. I am overall happy and glad to add this to their food.

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  9. Jenni (Verified Customer)

    I forgot to add that I put the Cat Calm in their drinking fountain and I see all 3 of them drinking more water!! Yay! I do have to check the filter more frequently but that’s ok with them drinking more water!!

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  10. Kathy Ford (Verified Customer)

    Love this! My cat has twitchy tail syndrome, constantly had to increase meds. He loves the taste, is much calmer now…

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  11. Stacey Terry (Verified Customer)

    I love the approach and information from the Two Crazy Cat Ladies… I had high hopes that the FHS kit might help my girl. She had no aversion or issue with the addition of the 2 products to her wet food; however, there was no change or decrease in her episodes. Belonging to an FHS support group, I know kitties with this condition have different triggers, needs, and results with treatments. I want to add that Jae was soooo helpful when I wrote asking questions and offered suggestions about dose changes I could try. I appreciate the excellent support I received while seeing if this might work for my girl.

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  12. Joan Laurino (Verified Customer)

    The CATalyst made a literally overnight difference in my kitty Marco’s diarrhea. Didn’t realize how important digestive enzymes were so important for cats, even cats being fed a high quality raw diet. Thank you for this great product.
    Will be starting the CatCalm this week on my nervous Siberian and look forward to positive results there too.

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  13. Amanda (Verified Customer)

    I have been using both products with my 7 year old cat who has FHS for about two weeks now, She is having very few twitching experiences and now they only last a minute instead of hours. She is purring again and playing with her toys just like her old self. I am so thankful to have found these products!

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  14. Patricia (Verified Customer)

    My cat had a bad bout of hyperesthesia about four years ago. Since then she got creepy crawly skin from time to time, but nothing very acute. She recently had surgery and after coming off the meds she had an even more severe bout of hyperesthesia. It was terrible: trying to outrun it, creepy crawly skin, meowing in pain, hissing and growling and excessive licking of her tail. I bought the feline hyperesthesia kit and have been putting it in her food twice a day. She gets wet food and doesn’t notice it at all. Her hyperesthesia has almost completely resolved. No more severe symptoms, just an occasional very mild creep crawly skin. I imgaine with more time it will completely resolve. I verified with my vet before giving it to her that it was indeed safe. Although it is impossible to say if this product was the cure or if her symptoms were just reducing over time, I would still recommend this product as it does seemed to have helped.

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  15. Karma (Verified Customer)

    I’ve been using the kit for about 3 weeks now and it is def helping my cat with her symptoms. I noticed a improvement within 5 days. I do have to give her a full dose of each product 2x a day because as soon as I try to lower the dose even slightly, her symptoms seem to come back, not as intense as before, but I can clearly see that she is bothered when I lower it. So for now I will continue with full dosage 2x/day.

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  16. Marge (Verified Customer)

    We have a newly adopted, young cat. She began with the twitchy skin and fur pulling about 2 weeks ago. Did some research, found this product, read reviews. Adding to wet food, but she will not drink water with Cat Calm added to it. Sorry to say it really hasn’t made a difference. Took her to the vet. Giving her another couple of months to see if she settles down before taking other steps.

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  17. bill65marj (Verified Customer)

    My cat has the typical symptoms for FHS. When was 6 months old I treated him with “cat calm.” It worked and I thought he grew out of it. But, at age 3.5 years the symptoms reappeared. I started giving him “cat calm” and within 48 hours he was better. Thank you sooo much.

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  18. Marilynn S (Verified Customer)

    I have been using. Both products to ease my cat hyper symptoms. They worked well until the latest shipment and she is going crazy again eating her tail
    I also noticed the color of the liquid has changed and i wonder if you changed your formula? Any suggestions?

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  19. Virginia P (Verified Customer)

    the cat calm and other item I got with it (?) are great for my cat. a large male, he seems so calm now. thanks!

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  20. Marlena Szymanowicz (Verified Customer)

    My cat fit all the symptoms of hyperesthesia. I ordered the kit and have been giving my cat two doses per day starting on a Wednesday. It’s now Sunday and I’ve noticed no more rippling in her back and less scratching all around. She also has not hissed at us at all! Usually she hisses at us once a day or so. She seems so much more relaxed and sweet, which is the way she used to be when I first adopted her. I am very pleased with how much the kit is working for her in a short period of time. Thank you so much for these products to help our cats!

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  21. Teresa Sherburne (Verified Customer)

    Shipping was very fast which I appreciate. However, this product made my cat projectile vomit and completely refuse to eat.

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  22. Amy Lakits (Verified Customer)

    Charley is back! When my boy turned one he started this rippling of his back, his mood changed, he seemed stressed. He didn’t want to play . He would hide and growl and he began chewing his tail and bleeding all over the house. I did extensive research and tried many things to no avail. I finally found the two cat ladies- thank God! After two days of this combination, Charley is playing and running! He isn’t having the rippling in his skin or biting at his tail. He is more social and I am so happy that my Charley is back.

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  23. Valerie Markland (Verified Customer)

    Have been using CATalyst for about 4 weeks now and definitely notice an improvement in our kitty’s twitching episodes. They are much shorter than less often. I put it in his dry food or in a bit of plain yogurt. Thank you!

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  24. Sabrina Brown (Verified Customer)

    I have tried everything for a cat with FHS that I rescued. He has been gnawing on his tail every time he gets triggered via stress or my senior cat that looks like a cat he used to fight with outside. I was hoping that these remedies would help him but they don’t seem to make a difference at all. He doesn’t seem to like the taste of it and will be eating from another bowl unless I cover it up with a lot of fishy food. I have gone to the vet and there don’t seem to be other physical issues bothering him. I just recently added Jackson Galaxy’s Ultimate Peacekeeper, which is a hit and miss depending on mood, cat situation, weather, etc. I am now working on rehoming him so that he won’t be triggered all the time by my senior cat and in hopes that he will stop chewing on his tail and hurting himself. Thank you.

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  25. DARRYL FERGUSON (Verified Customer)


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  26. Chris (Verified Customer)

    Doesn’t seem to help. Cats don’t seem to mind the taste in their wet food, but their hyperesthesia seems to be getting worse still.

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  27. Shay Kim (Verified Customer)

    My cat hasn’t had a major episode since I transitioned his diet to wet food/raw + added this kit. He gobbles this up with his food. If your cat is picky, I suggest somehow strengthening the smell of their wet food to distract from these herbs. My cat is still a bit itchy (whether food or environment), so I’m still experimenting with a variety of proteins but I’m glad this product exists. Thanks Ladies!

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  28. perbest (Verified Customer)

    While the catalyst and cat calm don’t totally eliminate Zeke’s hyperesthesia , taking both on a daily basis helps considerably.

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  29. Vanessa Philipp (Verified Customer)

    After a week of use my girl started not feeling well; refusing food, throwing up and seemed more agitated. I’m also not sure these are “human grade” ingredients. The cat calm looks like moldy pond water and tastes like highly concentrated soap. I would not recommend this unless approved by vet.
    I find that 1/4 dropper of 500mg CBD oil ( by petreleaf) twice daily works the best at managing my 15 year old girls symptoms.

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  30. Jules

    Roger has always been anxious, and demanding. I wanted to try this before taking Roger to the vet. I never knew this condition existed, until his symptoms got worse, and I Googled it. Vet care is important, but there’s usually a long wait to get an appointment. I’m so happy I discovered Two Crazy Cat Ladies products. I bought the hyperesthesia kit. Roger is super picky with his diet, but he’s accepted both the CATalyst and the Cat Calm with ease. He’s calmer now, and the hair pulling and twitching has lessened, a lot. I’m also trying to lessen any anxiety by being as calm as I can, since he feels my energy. These are great products. Thanks for creating them!

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  31. Emily Widener (Verified Customer)

    Been trying this for about a month and unfortunately this didn’t end up helping my cat’s symptoms at all.

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  32. tammywiest (Verified Customer)

    I have not seen any difference using the catalyst. The cat calm seemed to help with attitude but it makes them sleep constantly. My older cat even stopped getting up to eat and my outdoor cats stopped going outside, just slept all day.

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  33. Kari (Verified Customer)

    It works! My precious Kippy was having a terrible time with continual hyperthesia symptoms! I give this to him and it calms him down and he sleeps. The price is a little steep – wish it was much less but I have to have something that helps my precious boy.

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  34. kathy (Verified Customer)

    Did not help at all, twitching is the same.

    Feline hyperthesia.

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  35. blolson7391 (Verified Customer)

    I’ve been using catalyst for a while and my cat takes it fine,
    However the cat calm I haven’t been able to administer.
    The dropper is all plugged up. It’s like the solution solidifies, gets nasty looking.
    Both bottles I’ve ordered have been like that. Can’t even use the stopper.

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  36. Karla refojo (Verified Customer)

    I’m so grateful for this product for my kitty. She is super sensitive and sometimes gets off balance with symptoms of Hyperesthesia. When I give her these drops it brings her back into herself and it’s a big relief to me as well. My vet did not know about you and hopefully this will be a resource for other cat parents who are looking for a way to help support their sensitive kitties.

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  37. Kate (Verified Customer)

    This duo is great! I’ve seen fewer hairballs and a nicer coat on my super furry kitty. Quick shipping and easy ordering.

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  38. tigerfountain@hotmail.com (Verified Customer)

    We noticed that feline hyperesthesia symptoms had been increasing in our cat over the past 6 months. It had gotten so bad that she pulled out all the fur from her belly and inner thighs and was having fits of twitching and yowling numerous times a day and night. I did not want to bring her to the vet since she becomes even more stressed by car trips and it’s just too hard on her—and I was not thrilled about medicating her and risking side effects from meds. My 17 year old found your website and I ordered the kit with the attitude of “let’s try this before subjecting kitty to the stress of a trip to the vet,” though my expectations were not high. I’ve never been so delighted to be wrong! We noticed almost immediate improvement. Episodes of yowling have completely disappeared, twitchiness is greatly reduced, frantic grooming is nearly gone, and fur is growing back! Additionally, we’ve seen a huge shift in our cat’s personality. She’s still very playful and active (which I’m thrilled about), but she is suddenly much more affectionate and wants to be held and petted, which she only tolerated minimally in the past! Still haven’t been able to reduce dosage without symptoms reappearing after several weeks, but we will continue to experiment and i really don’t mind since she seems soooo much happier and social! Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us back a calm and happy (yet still active and playful) kitty! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has concerns about medicating their pet!

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  39. Branda Bendixen (Verified Customer)

    A few days being without, and my kitty was miserable. So glad I found something that doesn’t involve a medication with scary side effects.

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  40. Gena H. (Verified Customer)

    I had a question about the product before I ordered and got a sincere apology for not getting an answer soon enough. But I got my answer withing about 36 hours! I was quite pleased and felt really good about that. I ordered and it was shipped immediately. It got here before I even thought about checking. Fantastic first experience!

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  41. Veronica (Verified Customer)

    Cleo & Zoe love their vitamins

    Image #1 from Veronica
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  42. Gary A. (Verified Customer)

    Using CATalyst on all 6 of my cats and they are thriving and eat better than ever. Cat Calm on my new addition with anxiety issues…good so far! No episodes since taking this, but we have also been using a vet prescribed medication pending resolution of his mangled tail. In a week or so, will be solely on Cat Calm and CATalyst and will see how he fares then. The cats certainly have no aversion to these, just mix in food and they gulp it down.

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