Sometimes it’s fun to just sit back and listen to our customer’s stories…

Below is a short success story of 9 year old Milly – a beautiful black cat with feline hyperesthesia syndrome.

Told by her mother, Maria, in New Zealand.


Milly - Black cat with feline hyperesthesia before taking CATalyst

Milly – Black Cat With FHS – Before Taking CATalyst: Day #1

Milly “was always twitching and over-grooming so much she had lots of bold spots. Our vet here in New Zealand had checked her out years ago and said it’s not a skin problem or anything else, just give her this tablet (the pet equivalent of Valium). This did nothing but have her doped out for 24 hours, she didn’t move of the pillow, we brought her her water and food as she had no energy to move, it was just awful – that’s not what we wanted for her! So we decided not to give that tablet anymore and that she could have bold spots…”

“But then I saw this product [CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula] and thought I’ll try it for her. I’ve been using it on her food for 4 weeks now and every week I see progress. No more twitching, she is much more relaxed, grooms herself at a normal pace now, and the hairs have a chance to grow back. Also, her fur is getting softer and silkier by the day”

Milly - Russian Black Cat With Feline Hyperesthesia: 4 Weeks After Getting CATalyst

Milly – Russian Black Cat With Feline Hyperesthesia: 4 Weeks After CATalyst

“Your CATalyst is doing amazing things for our Milly! …Her hair is growing back, all her fur is much softer, no more twitching and a lot less licking on those bold spots. It’s so wonderful to finally have something that makes her feel better. Such a difference! So happy for her!”

“I am taking weekly photos and the difference is amazing! But more important is that she is so much more at ease! No more twitching and not constantly grooming makes such a difference! Thank you again for such a fantastic product!”

“Thank you ladies. I can highly recommend buying and using this product.”


Natural Support for Feline Hyperesthesia


Feline Hyperesthesia Kit



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