Admit it. A good pee and poop is an underrated pleasure. If you’ve ever had an internal issue with either, you know this to be terribly true.

Imagine being a cat – unable to communicate if something’s not working down there. This is why your cat’s pee and poop matter.

Here’s the thing: Cats have very few ways to let us know they’re not feeling well. When you know your cat, some easy things to keep an eye on are what goes in – and what come out – of your cat.

Does your cat have a healthy appetite? Are they peeing and pooping normally?

A healthy appetite is usually pretty easy to spot. But how do we know if what lands in the litter box is normal or healthy?

Good Pee: Healthy, indoor only cats with easy access to a comfortable litter box will usually pee 3-6 times daily. In our house, most of our 6 cats will use the bathroom right before or after breakfast. I might not be able to catch each cat peeing 3-6 times daily, but I can observe the morning visits to the box. This is a great way for me to make sure no one is straining or crying when peeing (or pooping).

Good Poop: It’s important to note that cat’s have a 12-24 hour digestive system. This roughly translates into our cats having a good poop about once every 24 hours. That said, I’ve noticed with our cats that this can stretch to nearly 48 hours. Diet plays an obvious role in eliminations – and since we’ve transitioned our cats to an all raw, balanced diet, they poop less.

Bottom line (no pun intended), watching the litter box is helpful. It lets us know that everything is running smoothly, effortlessly, and painlessly. And we all know that’s a very good feeling.


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