We all love our cats, right? Our babies are our children and we have to do our best by them. They deserve a life free of pain, so there are certain cat behaviors to pay attention to closely when it comes to our kitties.

For most of us crazy cat ladies, watching all the little things our little ones do is our favorite pastime! Here are a few reminders of some of the little things that can make a big difference for their health and happiness!

Behaviors To Pay Attention To With Your Cats


Litter box habits

This is one of our favorites! Adrienne always says “healthy poop, healthy cat”! We try to catch our babies in the ‘act’ at least a few times per week. We want to make sure there is no straining going on (especially during urination) and that there are healthy ‘movements’ all around. Having accidents outside the litter box should also be a red flag. Sometimes this can indicate a UTI or even the onset of arthritis. Noticing any changes in our babies litter box habits can help us catch any issues that may arise before they turn into something bigger or worse!

Eating habits

First, it’s important to develop routine feeding times. Cats love routine, and this also makes it much easier to notice any changes in their eating habits. Make sure they have a healthy appetite, that they have no difficulty eating and that they’re keeping their food down. This is a great to pick up on any digestive or dental issues early!

Sleeping/exercise habits

Cat sleep an average of 15 hours per day! Kittens – with all their energy – sleep a little less, and as cats get older they sleep a little more. But keeping an eye on where and when they sleep can be helpful. It’s normal for kitties to find new sleepy spots, but sometime this can indicate that their old sleepy spot became uncomfortable. Maybe it was cold (cats prefer a temp of about 86 degrees F), or maybe they are developing achey joints that keep them from jumping to their formerly favorite spots. Exercise is important at all stages of cat life – especially as they age! Keeping regular play times (our cats love wand toys) helps us pay attention to any changes in energy levels and mobility. It also helps with kitties that try to keep us up at night! Contrary to common belief, cats are not nocturnal. Cats are crepuscular – meaning they will (should) sleep and night and are most active at dawn and dusk. Regular exercise – especially first thing in the morning and before bed not only helps us pay attention to any physical changes – but also helps our cats be happy, healthy cats!


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