It’s easy to feel like our cat is our best friend – but do we really know how to be our cat’s best friend?

If you’re a cat lover (obvi, you’re here!), you know how special it is to be loved back by a cat. Sometimes I think it’s easy to feel like our cats are our best friends because everything about them brings us such joy. They are always here for us. We feel like they truly understand us more than most people in our lives – and they bring us comfort and relaxation by just being near us.

But what do we really know about our cats? Think about what you know about your human friends. What’s important? You probably know if they like to travel. You know their favorite foods, favorite color, and probably their favorite activities. Have they been through tough times that make them sad or upset? Our human best friends are born from mutual understanding and acceptance. Mutual being the key word.

Now think about your cat. Do you know their favorite color? What’s their favorite activity? When you spend time together, what makes them light up? Do you know if they have a favorite toy? What about their favorite food or treat?

We know you can’t sit down and ask your cat these questions – but we can all better observe our mysterious best friends. And we all know joy when we see it. Taking the time to understand our cat’s personality, preferences, and unique qualities is how we can be our cat’s best friend too.


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