Using Color Therapy With Your Cat

Color Therapy for cats can be helpful when they're struggling with issues, or just to keep them strong and healthy

Have you ever heard of color therapy? Until two years ago, we had no idea it was a real thing! Color therapy uses the scientifically verified frequencies, vibrations and wavelengths that different colors produce – and scientists say that colors (and their unique properties) impact on our health and energy. Have you ever looked at a color – or the brightness of a color – and it made you feel a certain way? Interesting indeed…

Color therapy was an ancient form of healing in China, Egypt & India and many people in many places still practice it today. We were taught about this form of therapy by a holistic veterinarian and now incorporate it into our protocol of well-being for our kitties.

They say that cats have 4 color cones (in our eyes, to see color) while humans only have 3! If only we could see through the eyes of our cats. 🙂 Below is a breakdown of some simple ways you can use colors to help your cats enjoy a brighter life.

Using Color Therapy With Your Cat

  1. Green is used to support immunity health. It’s also said to help the heart by bringing a feeling of peace and Love to your cat.
  2. Red is supposed to help the kidneys and bladder as well as the immune system. Ancient healers also used red for constipation and urinary tract infections.
  3. Yellow supports the liver and pancreas. It also helps with concentration and energy levels (promotes playfulness).
  4. Orange can help with reproductive health and builds confidence and joy.
  5. Blue should help thyroid issues. It also supports the throat and lungs. Blue is a natural fever reducer and promotes calmness (reduces stress).
  6. Purple is a calming color and helps cats sleep better.
  7. Indigo helps eye health, sinuses and the pituitary gland. It’s also been known to help increase telepathic communication between you and your kitty and clears away anger.

Now – we’re not saying to use color therapy as an alternative treatment if your cat is sick, but knowing what the different colors mean can help us support our cats better. Once we know better, we do better – right? 🙂

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