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The Urinary Tract Support Kit promotes and maintains the urinary tract health of your cat while supporting immune functions for cats of all ages! The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C  help to relieve the pain of a cat’s bladder infection while strengthening the bladder lining and fighting off the bad bacteria in the urinary tract. UrinaryCat Plus works naturally to help acidify the pH of your cats urine – inhibiting future UTI issues and struvite stones or crystals. CATalyst helps improve immunity function and supports quicker healing processes.


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This all-natural Urinary Tract Support Kit is designed to promote a healthy urinary tract for your cat.

Read below for more information.

Formula is designed to help acidify the urine and promote healthy immune support. If your cat's urine is too acidic (oxalate), please see our Oxy-Cat Alkaline Booster

UrinaryCat Plus is pure vitamin C in it's potent form (ascorbic acid) to help your cat attack those urinary problems quickly.

CATalyst is our super potent liquid antioxidant formula full of enzymes designed to help strengthen the immune system - promoting the healing process and helping prevent future issues.

Note: If your cat is straining to urinate, with little to no urine coming out, contact your vet right away.


UrinaryCAT Plus (2oz): Add 15 drops into wet food 2 times per day for 5-7 days or until symptoms subside. (For finicky kitties - add to oral syringe and apply down teeth line - 20 drops equals 1 cc)

For maintenance: Add 10 drops to wet food once per day.

CATalyst (2oz): Add 1/4 teaspoon of liquid formula to wet food twice daily for 5-7 days.

For maintenance: Add 1/4 teaspoon to wet food once daily.

Products may be used together in each feeding.

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20 reviews for Urinary Tract Support Kit

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  1. JoyAnn

    Ive been looking for something to help my cat with contstant uti problems and im glad to have found this. He doesnt pee on the carpet anymore and is feeling better. thx

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  2. Sue (Verified Customer)

    My cats are all doing so much better with this. I do the maintenance dose now. This is my second order.

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  3. Esther Bernard (Verified Customer)

    I’m glad to have found this. My cat is doing much better! I wish I could find it in stores or get it to ship to Canada faster and at a more affordable price… I had to pay $20 at the post office to get my package.

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  4. Noelle Garcia (Verified Customer)

    So my cat is prone to struvite crystals in his urine if he eats kibble. Since I have more than one cat, and the younger one refused to eat raw meat, I found a kibble that worked for him: Orijen. i had been giving him the kit, but have been traveling a while and he was doing so well without that I hadn’t bought a new kit for a couple months. Well, 2 weeks ago he took a nibble of our dog’s kibble that had fallen to the floor and he started with the trouble of going to the bathroom within a couple days. I had some left over Urinary Cat Plus and was waiting on my next order of this kit to arrive. The Urinary Cat Plus gave him some relief the day after he started with his symptoms. This means he stayed out of the litter box for at least an hour and stopped verbally communicating his discomfort. Each day he was able to go longer without a trip to the litter box until he was only experiencing issues in the morning and evening, as well as his pee clumps increasing in size. While I waited for the kit to arrive, the Urinary Cat Plus actually cleared up his symptoms by itself, and he was peeing normal again within a week (7 days). I am truly thankful that this worked so well and so is he. I can’t say that this will work for every cat that experiences this issue, but it certainly worked for mine. Great product!

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  5. Rachele (Verified Customer)

    Love these products! My 2 kitties do not mind the light taste & I love that these products are pure and there is no GARBAGE going into my kitties bellies !!!! Thank you
    Two Crazy Cat Ladies!!!

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  6. KAREN HALL (Verified Customer)

    I have a 17 year old who was diagnosed with elevated kidney and crystals. She needs surgery to remove the crystals. But this has been a life saver. She’s almost back to her self again. Then we will proceed with the surgery.

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  7. Ivonne (Verified Customer)

    Been using this almost a week and have noticed my 8 yr male cat is more playful and loving. I got this because he’s getting older, he’s healthy but wanted to keep him healthy.

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  8. Noelle (Verified Customer)

    The urinary kit really helped my girl cat – Since she is extra picky I just give her both the urinary cat plus and the Catalyst in a dropper so I know she’s getting what she needs daily. She is back to being able to urinate without straining. I also give my boy cat the Catalyst – it has helped with a diarrhea issue. All around very pleased with the products and the helpful information From these wonderful Two Crazy Cat ladies

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  9. Melonie Bates (Verified Customer)

    I have been using products from these ladies for 3- 4 years now and everything I have used has been great. I will never buy from anybother store when it comes to the care of my furry family.

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  10. Amber Mazahem (Verified Customer)

    My boy Barney was getting so many UTIs and wasn’t getting any better. I have been giving him the UrinaryCat plus and the CATalyst for almost a year now and he is the healthiest and happiest I have ever seen him. No more UTIs and a healthy happy kitty!

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  11. Roberta Mackey (Verified Customer)

    I am so grateful that Gracie is taking the Catalyst and Urinary Cat Plus remedies. She had no objection to the taste.

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  12. Marissa (Verified Customer)

    My Valentina eats her food with no issues. The Urinary Plus definitely helps. She was getting UTIs once and a while but this definitely keeps them at bay. She also has IBS, which is why I use catalyst. She doesn’t vomit as much and I’ve noticed less flare ups. I will certainly keep ordering!

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  13. Kathryne Barnhill (Verified Customer)

    This product really does dissolve the Struvite Crystals!! I was getting ready to go back to the Emergency Vet when my order arrived….gave my 3 year old boy the 15 drops via syringe and by night he was peeing more than a dribble every 10 minutes!! Thanks to the Ladies, one week later, he is back to normal!! Great product!!

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  14. Terry (Verified Customer)

    I’ve tried a lot of natural remedies for various issues with my cats and have not yet found one as effective as this for my cat’s trouble urinating.

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  15. Melissa Reed (Verified Customer)

    Love the product, my cat takes it fine mixed with wet food. The shipping was fast. I will reorder!🩷

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  16. Claudia Ortiz (Verified Customer)

    Best thing I’ve ever tried!!

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  17. Marissa B. (Verified Customer)

    Easy to use Captain Jack didn’t even notice I put it in his food.

    Image #1 from Marissa B.
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  18. Kara L. (Verified Customer)

    We have been using this on our cat for 2 months now, and we can tell he is feeling much better! He does not seem to be bothered by any taste of it–I just mix it in his wet food each day as directed. I have told others with cats that had blockages about these products. Thank you!

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  19. Ellie McCaffrey (Verified Customer)

    I have been using the catalyst for over a year but added the urinary drops for my male cat. In the past he had struvite stones but was still on dry food. Food is much healthier today; cooked and can so he has moisture. Every once in a while I hear him yowl after using the box. But he does that when plying too. I just want to make sure he’s ok.

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  20. Natalie N. (Verified Customer)

    It did the trick in 7 days!

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