How To Clean Dirty Cat Ears

Taking care of your cat’s ears is easier than you might think. There are many reasons why cat ears get dirty, and it’s important that you rule out any underlying health condition first. Some cats are just prone to getting gunky ears, even if they’re...
5 Tips For Cats With Yeast

5 Tips For Cats With Yeast

It’s surprising how many cases of cats with yeast issues we are addressing lately. My past experience in pet nutrition let me know this was an incredible common issue for dogs. At the company I worked at, we dealt with yeast issue in dogs multiple times each...
Cat Ear Mites – What To Do

Cat Ear Mites – What To Do

Ear mites are little crab or spider-like parasites that invade our cat’s ears. These little critters multiply very quickly and they can easily jump from the ear of one pet to the ear of another pet and start a whole new infestation. Cat ear mites can get stinky...
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