Does Kibble Help Your Cat’s Teeth?

When looking to keep your cat’s teeth clean, many say that feeding kibble helps. This is an antiquated myth that’s so far from the truth it’s just silly. The idea that a crunchy kibble can keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy is just as crazy as...

Do Dental Treats For Cats Help Or Harm?

So many big brand pet food companies are selling dental treats for cats – and we buy them because we think they’ll help our kitty’s teeth. But do they really? Our cat’s dental health is super important for their overall health and longevity of...

Help! My Kitten Is Losing Teeth!

If your kitten is losing teeth, don’t freak out! When we adopted our kittens, it had been a long time since we had baby animals in the house. When they started losing teeth it scared us a bit. So what did we do? Research. It turns out that kittens, just like...

Checking Your Cat’s Teeth

Paying attention to the health of your cat’s teeth is an important part of being a cat parent. Did you know that one small dental infection – left untreated – can spread to other organs of their bodies? And that dental issues are one of the most...
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