Our Cat Tip of the Day today has to do with worming your cat. Cats that are susceptible to fleas are also susceptible to tapeworms because fleas carry the larvae of worms. We always recommend a natural preventative for tapeworms in cats since over-the-counter de-wormers have chemicals that can cause serious side effects.

Tapeworms are a common parasite that nearly every cat battles at some point. You will usually not notice that your cat is breeding worms in her gut until it gets nasty. You’ll see rice-like segments around the anal gland area and/or weight loss in cats with tapeworms. Cats with a severe infestation will even vomit the worms up.

Imagine what it feels like to have parasites in your tummy, reproducing and crawling around. While it’s rare that this problem becomes fatal, tapeworms in cats cannot be fun for them to deal with. Not only are they eating up the nutrients in your cat’s body, they’re also uncomfortable in the gut and irritate the anus as they try to escape.

To avoid this awfulness, there are natural products that you can give as a preventative for tapeworms in cats. By adding a simple holistic product, like Worm eX, to your kitty’s food once monthly you can help prevent the problem before it gets bad.

Chemical de-wormers, like Drontal, have caused both short-term and long-term side effects. From vomiting and diarrhea to behavioral issues and seizures, these chemical worming products simply aren’t safe for our kitties. When there are alternative options that don’t come with a risk of side effects, why pump more chemicals into our cats’ bodies? A natural treatment and/or preventative for tapeworms in cats is the best way to ensure that they don’t have to struggle with the parasites or the side effects that come along with chemical treatments.


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Worm eX



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