When we cat parents realize that our babies need a cat wormer to remove intestinal parasites like tapeworms or roundworms, we normally do one of two things – we either contact our veterinarian or we go online to find something that will kick those nasty little critters out of our fur babies’ systems. There are a few things, however, that we often overlook when we are searching for an answer (whether via the vet or the web) and these things are more important than you may think when looking for a de-wormer for your cat.

1. Don’t be fooled – A good cat wormer doesn’t need to contain chemical toxins in order to kill parasites.

It’s just not true. Long before the commercial world released medications for worms in cats, there were safe and effective ways of treating and killing intestinal parasites (aka worms) in both humans and animals. Since the pharmaceutical world has taken over, we tend to forget how effective natural health treatments can be. Usually MORE effective. Most of the commercial cat wormers are full of chemicals that have to be processed by their liver and kidneys – which can lead to further health problems and/or immunity to the treatment. Studies have shown that many cats who are treated regularly with commercial/chemical wormers have a shorter life span and are at higher risk of contracting cancer or other immune deficiency diseases.

2. Don’t wait too long to take action.

When our kitties seem to be feeling fine, it’s easy to overlook something strange we see in the litter box or just laugh at them when they’re rubbing their little butts on the ground and furniture. Just don’t. While cat worms can be easy to treat, they are also very reproductive in the intestines and can literally take over. Just imagine what our cats must feel like having these live parasite crawling around inside them. If left untreated, they can cause serious disease and sometimes even death – so it’s best if you are prepared in advance… and be quick to find and use a good cat wormer if your notice something strange in the litter box.

3. Prevention is always the best medicine.

This is the best news, so I saved it for last. Cat parents who choose natural wormers over chemical wormers, rarely have to deal with these nasty parasites at all! We first dealt with tapeworms in 4 of our cats about 10 years ago. We were introduced to a natural treatment, added it to their food, and they were gone from their bodies within 3-4 days. Since it was natural, we decided to add it to their food once a month – and 10 years later – cross my heart and hope to die – we’ve NEVER dealt with them again. Because of our experience, this product was one of the first we had to offer when we started our venture as the Two Crazy Cat Ladies. Now we get to watch other loving cat parents experience the same peace of mind that we’ve had all these years!

So just remember – while commercial cat wormers can be effective at kicking out the problem, there are even more effective treatments available – straight from Mother Earth herself. 🙂


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