Cat tapeworms (also called Cestodiasis) are fairly common for indoor/outdoor felines. These nasty little buggers will attach themselves to the small intestine wall and will steal the nutrients from the food that your cat eats.

How Will I Know If My Cat Has Tapeworms?

The intestinal parasites look like long white worms (well, they ARE long white worms) and will break apart inside the digestive tract, allowing you to notice the egg-filled portion in your cat’s stool. So if you see little white things that look like rice or seeds in your cat’s poop – it is probably tapeworms. Cats will also sometimes show symptoms by dragging their hinds on the ground or frequently licking their butts.

How Do They Get It?

Just like roundworms, cats tapeworms are often infected from fleas or by eating small animals like birds, rabbits or rodents. They can also become exposed to these unpleasant worms by eating raw or undercooked meat products or by being exposed to other cats who have tapeworms.

How Do Tapeworms Affect My Cat?

Tapeworms in cats are considered to be relatively minor intestinal parasites, but if left untreated, they can cause serious disease. When the problem escalates, you cat will show further symptoms like vomiting. Simply pay attention to your cat’s feces when cleaning the litter box to avoid a bigger problem.

What Do I Do About Cat Tapeworms?

If your cat has already contracted these worms you can go to your vet for a stool sample/diagnosis  and have them prescribe you medications that should knock out the tapeworms – or you can use natural treatments and DIY it from home. WormX is a safe and natural product that many cat owners use for both treatment and prevention of tapeworms in cats. We were able to kick out the tapeworms from our 4 cats in a matter of 3-4 days using the natural approach. Using this product on a monthly basis has helped keep them from contracting again. If you live in an area where you battle fleas or your cat goes outside daily, this is an inexpensive and safe approach and can save you time and money in the future.


Recommended Product for Tapeworms


Worm eX



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