When it comes to our cats and chemical pest control, we need to be mindful as pet parents. Just because a pest control company claims that their treatments are “pet safe” doesn’t mean that they are. Chemical pesticides, even many flea treatments meant for cats, all come with side effects.

Think about it. Your cat is small. She’s a little taller than your baseboards and would probably tell you to clean them if she could speak English. When pest control comes, they spray your baseboards to keep out the bugs. Isn’t your kitty the first to breathe in these fumes? What about when he’s outside in the grass that’s been treated?

The fumes from chemical pest control may not smell at all to you, but to our cats they do. So they sniff it. And you know what curiosity can do to a cat…

The point is, any chemicals we use in and around our home affects us and our pets. Whether it is chemical pest control or floor cleaner – your cat walks on that. It sticks to their paws and then they lick them. It’s a real thing.

To avoid allowing your cat to ingest chemicals that you would usually not feed them in their bowls, here are a few tips for cats and chemical pest control.

  1. Use natural pest control in your home and your yard. There are many home remedies that work wonders for deterring even the worst of pests. Cedar oil is a great way to keep bugs, rats and scorpions out of your home and away from your yard.
  2. If you use chemical pest control in your yard, don’t give your cat access to the treated areas. Instead take him for a walk in a safe outside area that is untreated.
  3. Treat your cats and outdoor cat areas with natural pesticides like Flea-eX or diatomaceous earth so that your cat’s stay safe and flea free.

Also, remember that cats who are fed a species appropriate diet and given limited access to chemicals are less likely to attract pests. Parasites feed and are attracted to the weakest of hosts. This means that you can help avoid pests near your kitty by simply keeping them healthy!


Safe and Natural Flea Spray for Cats (& Dogs!)

Flea-eX for Cats



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