5 Toxic Mistakes Most Cat Parents Make Unknowingly

5 Toxic Mistakes Most Cat Parents Make

Cat parents often ‘turn a blind eye‘ to things that would force them to change the way they care for their kitties. Human nature often resists change. After all, why would we need to change things that seem to be working thus far? The problem is when we don’t pay attention to changes in the market and adjust accordingly. Here are 5 of the most common and toxic mistakes most cat parents make, unknowingly.

  1. Feeding foods that contain toxic chemicals. One in three cats will die of cancer and yet, somehow, pet foods are still testing positive for heavy metals, BPA, pesticides and other toxins that cause cancer. We, the consumers, must do our research and refrain from feeding our kitties contaminated, toxic foods.
  2. Over medicating and over vaccinating cats. These are two of the very common mistakes most cat parents make, because they’re simply following the advice of their veterinarian. Vaccinating cats for non-threatening illnesses will only cause more health problems. Research has shown that one vaccination can protect your cat for life. So giving an immunized cat more vaccinations only causes damage and has also been linked to cancer and disease. The same goes for medications. If your cat isn’t in a life threatening situation, giving her medications can and will damage her body. There are so many substitutes for chemical medications that will produce the same desired result without causing stress and damage to the body.
  3. Using chemical based flea treatments. This is an honest mistake most cat parents make. However, it’s also easily avoidable. Pesticides within traditional flea treatments release toxins into our cats bodies through their skin. This is to kill and repel fleas, yes, but it’s also slowly killing our kitties. There are many alternative flea treatments that you can make at home or purchase online that will not harm your cat. Why, then, are we still using over-the-counter flea medications? Simply because we don’t know better. Once we know better, we do better. Find an alternative flea treatment if at all possible. 🙂
  4.  Diffusing toxic essential oils in your home. Essential oils are popular right now because they’re a great alternative to candles and can help your health. Many people use essential oils as a replacement for anxiety medication, which I think is awesome. However, cat parents have to know which essential oils are safe for our feline friends. Many EOs are toxic to cats and can cause seizures, disease and even death. Always know and trust the company you’re purchasing from and how much is safe for your cat to be exposed to. There are reputable brands who make pet safe essential oils that we can recommend. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Continual exposure to EMFs. This is one that we, too, are guilty of. Electromagnetic Fields are spread throughout your home through various appliances like computers, phones, televisions, digital clocks and wireless routers. Radiation from EMFs have been linked to cancer, heart disease, tumors and accelerated aging – especially in pets and small children. If your cat sleeps near your television, for example, be sure to shut it off during the day. Wireless routers can be unplugged in the evening when you are not using  the internet. Simply shutting down your devices when not in use will help reduce exposure to EMF radiation and will also reduce your electric bill!

Paying attention to advances in research will not only help us better protect our cats, but we believe that making these small changes will extend their lives by years.

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