Looking for a super EASY cat food recipe? You’ve come to just the right place. We’ve been on the ‘journey’ to DIY cat food for quite some time but just recently took the first step. Here’s a break down of the journey so far.

  1. Studied making balanced cat food at home for a year
  2. Got overwhelmed with information
  3. Freaked out that we’d kill our cats if it wasn’t balanced
  4. Went for it!

Click here for our first healthy cat food recipe with chicken  (not the biggest success)

Click here for our second cat food recipe with pork (much better)

This easy cat food recipe was the biggest success with our cats thus far! We didn’t even have to disguise this food by mixing it in with something else. What’s funny is that it’s literally the easiest cat food recipe ever. I don’t think it gets much easier than this.

So much of the fear of balancing this recipe was gone because we got the Alnutrin complete and balanced mix first. Although it is a tad more expensive than purchasing the supplements separately, the amount is minimal. The fact that we saved time and money in comparison to feeding a high quality canned or raw dinner makes us happy cat ladies!

Here’s This Easy Cat Food Recipe:

6 lbs lean ground turkey (cage-free)

5 oz beef liver

6 small packets of Alnutrin with EggShell Calcium – Click here to learn more

2 cups of water


Don’t forget to rotate proteins and follow us on social media to access more cat food recipes!

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