When it comes to feeding our kitties, choosing cat food that’ll be best for them can be a confusing task. Your veterinarian may recommend one food but your research online may recommend something completely different.

Should you feed kibble? Wet food? Freeze dried? And what the heck is this raw food diet thing? The choices you have seem endless. But you want to feed the best food you can to insure your cat is happy and healthy, so what is the best food to feed?

The multi-billion dollar pet food industry teaches us and many of our veterinarians that an ultra-processed, low quality ingredient diet that’s loaded with carbohydrates is what our cats should eat. They even have paid for research to be performed to support their claims. When a veterinarian sees this “science”, she too will believe and recommend these foods.

But does it really makes sense? I mean, really?

We as humans know that food matters to our health. We know that only eating processed foods leads to a lessor healthy body and more disease. The ingredients we consume are also important. That’s why shopping for organic foods and fresh foods is so popular now. So why are we believing the bias ‘science’ from the pet food industry?

Why not use our good ole’ common sense?

All research has proven that cats are obligate carnivores. What this means is that the majority of their food should consist of animal protein… meat. Cats don’t have a nutritional requirement for carbohydrates, so feeding them a dry food that is laden with carbs and protein fillers doesn’t mesh with my common sense.

The big brand pet food companies, however, tell you that GMO corn, wheat and soy are great ingredients for our obligate carnivore felines. They say that the by-products of diseased meat is fine and healthy for cats.  Veterinarians recommend foods with these ingredients as well.

Well we choose to feed our cats based on a common sense approach. Our feline companions eat a species appropriate fresh food diet made with high quality ingredients. We don’t feed them fillers or unnecessary carbohydrates and surprisingly our 6 kitties are super healthy and happy.

When it comes to choosing cat food, do your research… but don’t neglect your common sense. 🙂



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