We steady preach about the importance of moisture in your cat’s food and we’ll continue to do so. Why? Because feeding a dry, kibble only diet is one of the leading causes of disease in our kitties. If you’re not ready to take the leap to a species appropriate raw diet, then please feed your cat wet food.

Cat Tip of the Day: Should You Feed Your Cat Wet Food?

Cats need moisture in their daily diet. Because they have a low thirst drive, they cannot and will not make up for the amount of moisture they need at the water bowl. This is why it must be in their food. A cat that is fed a dry food only diet will live in a mild to chronic stage of dehydration at all times. This can lead to urinary and kidney problems among other ailments. We know this first hand. Our oldest cat was fed nothing but kibble for the first 10 years of his life.

We stress the importance of feeding wet food to your cats because we don’t want your cats to suffer needlessly. Cats are stoic beings and instinctively do not show pain. A disease will often become severe before we catch it as cat parents. Feeding your cat a moisture rich diet is a proactive way to help your kitties live a longer healthier life.

If you have a kibble addict (a cat that will only eat dry food – as we did), start the transition to a moisture rich diet. Even if you can only feed your cat wet food 50% of the time, this will make a big difference in her overall health. If you need help transitioning your kitty to a moist diet, click here to see our easy guide.

We know it can be difficult to take the extra time needed to make a change in our kitties diet. But we also know it’s absolutely worth it. In fact, switching your kitty to a diet that provides the moisture her body needs is one of the very best ways to love her back better. Inside and out.



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