Why Cats Need Moisture In Their Food

Why cats need moisture in their daily meals

Why Do Cats Need Moisture In Their Food?

Here’s the thing. Unlike dogs, cats have a very low thirst drive. Their bodies are designed to get moisture they need from the food they eat. In the wild, the prey they hunt and eat is at least 70% moisture. The typical kibble dry food is 5-10% moisture (thus why they call it “dry”). Cats who are fed a kibble only diet will live in a constant state of dehydration, which leads to illness and a shorter lifespan.

This is why kidney disease and urinary tract problems are two of the most common ailments our kitties face these days. The dehydration caused by kibble diets takes a huge toll on our felines’ organs. Providing the proper amount moisture in their food will help avoid most of these common illnesses.

“My cat is always drinking from the water bowl.”

This is unfortunately something we hear all the time. But, if your cat is drinking excessively from the water bowl you need to have her checked by your vet. It could be diabetes, kidney problems or a number of other ailments that would make your cat drink a lot from the water bowl. It’s not in her instinct to do this, so this is likely a sign of something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

While we promote high quality foods, with our top recommendation being a fully balanced raw diet, a cheap canned food is still way better than a kibble diet. Most wet foods are 75-85% moisture. Even if your cat isn’t getting the best quality ingredients, at least she’s getting the moisture her body needs by eating a wet food. In the long run this will help in more ways that you can know.

For those of you who have kibble addicts who refuse to eat wet food, try either mixing a little bit of canned in with their kibble or add broth to their kibble meals. Whether they know it or not, cats need moisture in their diet. It’s our responsibility to make sure they get it.

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