One of the most common questions we’re asked is what brands of cat food are the best to feed. While we can only truly recommend the foods that we’re currently feeding, variety is key.

The term “complete and balanced” is actually more theory than a fact. While there are certain guidelines regarding the level of ingredients cats should consume, some cat food companies barely meet those requirements – and others far exceed them. Reputable brands of cat food choose the highest quality ingredients while other brands focus on profit.

Nevertheless, feeding a variety of brands of cat food will help close any gaps of missing nutrients our cats need. For instance, if one brand adds extra vitamin E to its recipes, and another brand skimps on this vitamin – feeding both brands levels it out.

One of our friends who makes human quality cat meals explains it like a block of Swiss cheese – and aptly calls it “the Swiss cheese effect”. If you have a block of Swiss, there are holes that go all the way through. However, if you slice up the block of cheese and move the pieces around you will close all of the holes.

Safe and Delicious

In addition to the health benefits, variety in brands of cat food is a safer choice. Pet food recalls are happening on the daily and you don’t want to feed your kitty a contaminated food. Because felines can be super finicky when it comes to mealtime, if they’re used to eating different brands it will be an easier transition if one of their favorite foods is recalled.

Plus – would you want to eat the exact same food every single meal? Let’s give our kitties a variety of cat foods – not just to help keep them healthy, but to give their pallet a little excitement too!



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