Have you ever wondered what might be missing in your cat’s food? Society and advertising has conditioned us to believe that a bag or can of cat food is all our kitties need to be happy and healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth – but the media won’t tell you this. While the list is long, there is one key nutrient missing in cat food, and that’s digestive enzymes.

You see, enzymes, like many other nutrients, are sensitive to heat. Go ask your doctor if she would prefer you eat fresh fruit or the kind that comes in a can with a shelf-life of several years. Any good medical practitioner will advise to eat fresh. Why? Because processed foods, whether for humans or pets, are missing these key nutrients and enzymes.

Dr. Heather Carter, DVM recently said in an online interview, “Human doctors will tell you to shop on the outskirts of the market, accessing fresh food and skipping the middle rows because it’s full of processed foods. Well then why are we shopping for our pets in the potato chip isle? I feel like we are slowing killing our pets.

But here’s the thing… Not everyone can afford fresh foods in their limited budgets.

While any and every little bit of fresh food you can add to your cat’s diet helps, you can replace this key nutrient missing in cat food by supplementing it back in. Those of us who don’t have the budget or time to feed our cats a species appropriate fresh food diet should always supplement with digestive enzymes. Heck, we do feed our clowder of kitties a fresh raw diet and we still supplement these enzymes into their diet.

That’s how important digestive enzymes are for our cat’s overall health. If you’re not sure what digestive enzymes are, click here to read more about the importance of these enzymes for our kitties. 

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