Everyone knows that we encourage feeding a species appropriate fresh food diet to cats. However, we also understand that feeding fresh can sometimes get expensive. Feeding pre-made raw foods has taken a toll on our pocket book, for sure. If you find yourself wanting to feed your cat the best diet available – and want to save money – make your own at home!

Honestly, making your cat’s food at home is the best way to ensure good health for your kitty. You get to control the ingredients instead of relying on an outside source. You won’t waste food because you know what flavors your cat likes most. But the best part? You get to feed your cat the best diet without breaking the bank!

How To Feed Your Cat The Best Diet On A Tight Budget

When we started researching how to make homemade cat food we were overwhelmed. The “b” word was haunting us through every article we read. Balancing the diet sounded so scary and yet so necessary. We were worried that we could harm our cats by not getting it right. We spent months and months just reading – and not making anything.

Then our friend, Kimberly, from Keep The Tail Wagging brought up a good point. She said, “do cats in the wild get a balanced meal every day?” A light bulb turned on and we suddenly weren’t scared anymore.

I encourage you to at least try making a few recipes for your cats. Once you start getting the hang of it you can explore ways to save even more money by shopping smart, using coupons and/or buying ingredients in bulk!

Watch the video above and click the button below to see our DIY cat food recipes. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see more recipes as we make them!



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