When reading cat food ingredients, most pet parents think that meat should be the first ingredient. And we agree. But what about the second, third, fourth and fifth ingredients? Do they matter?

The pet food industry might like us to believe that the first ingredient is the only ingredient that matters. Don’t be fooled when reading your cat food ingredients on the bag of kibble. The first ingredient is usually NOT what makes up the majority of the bag.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that animal meat is essential for their life, health and well being. So meat should be the primary ingredient in cat food, right? Right. Too bad we’re being fooled into believing this is true.

What some pet food companies don’t tell you is that the ingredients are based on the weight of the raw material ( full of moisture). When a piece of meat is raw the moisture count is high. Once it is cooked, however, the moisture is stripped away by at least 50%, leaving the proportion of that meat way less than the number one spot. If the second ingredient is anything but meat, then 2nd place gets moved up to 1st place at this point.

So if the second ingredient is “brewers rice”, for example, that is what your obligate carnivore is consuming the most of in her meals. Since rice is a starch that our cats’ bodies convert to sugar, why not just save the money and feed your cat sugar?

I’m joking. Don’t do that.

We always say that the more we know the better we can do for our feline friends. Make sure the first 3-5 cat food ingredients in your bag is meat based next time you’re shopping for your kitty! Meat matters. Our carnivorous kitties agree. 🙂



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