“Making a DIY Cat Food Recipe for your kitties at home is the best way to ensure the food is safe and healthy.”

Do you ever get tired of trying to figure out what foods are actually good for your cat? We do. The pet food industry is very deceptive and you have to basically be an investigator to determine what’s really in your cat’s food.

Because pet food companies are not required to follow pet food laws, we have to be diligent at choosing foods. This means contacting the manufacturers and understanding how to read the ingredient list.

Or… you can just make the food yourself.

Thanks to our friend, Emma of The Natural Canine Kitchen, we received this amazing gourmet DIY cat food recipe to share with you! Don’t let the term canine throw you off. She’s a cat parent as well!

Emma specializes in feeding pets a fully balanced fresh food diet. Her cats eat like royalty. All of her recipes meet or exceed the FEDIAF requirements for pet food, which means they’re ‘complete and balanced’.

One thing we loved about this recipe is that we didn’t need special equipment. If you follow our other recipes we normally need a blender or food processor. Nope… not this one! Just a knife, bowl and wooden spoon.

And it’s so bougie! The cat food we make and feed normally looks like a concoction of moist grossness and this one looks like it could be served at a restaurant!

The most amazing thing about this recipe? Our pickiest cat LOVED it!

Here’s the video to follow along and below it is a link to print the recipe yourself. Please comment below and let us know how your kitties liked this recipe.

Easy Gourmet DIY Cat Food Recipe




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