Do your cat’s diet consist of the same thing in every meal? And do you ever wonder if that is boring for them?

How about this… does your cat absolutely love the food you give him every day, until one day he sticks his nose up at it?

Feeding our kitties isn’t always easy and many cats can be finicky with their food. This is one reason why variety in diet is so important. If your cat gets something new and exciting in each meal she’ll be less likely to refuse it when she gets bored.

Another reason why a diverse diet is so important is because it keeps cats healthy. When the digestive system has a variety of proteins and other ingredients it builds a diverse microbiome. A diverse gut microbiome equals a healthy immune system. And a healthy immune system equals a healthier cat.

Feeding Your Cat A Diverse Diet

Many brands of pet foods have different ideas of what cats need to be healthy and thrive. Some of the bigger commercial brands just put the absolute minimum of ingredients to call the food “balanced” while other brands do research and included added vitamins and minerals in the form of whole foods to help cats thrive. If one company adds in extra vitamin E and another adds pumpkin, wouldn’t you want your kitty to have both?

Our cats are fed a species appropriate balanced raw diet. We feed different brands of raw, but the majority of them include very little, if any, vegetables. While I know that vegetables are not a requirement in a cat’s diet, they still come with benefits. One of which is diversifying the microbiome. This is why we will feed a snack of wet food or add in organic fermented veggies to our cats’ raw food.

If our cat’s diet never changes, we are robbing them of variety & optimal health. If your kitty has only eaten one thing for the majority of his life you may need to take it slow when introducing new foods, but let’s start switching up the diet to make our cats happier and healthier!


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