If you’ve ever had a cat with a sensitive tummy you know that changing up their diet isn’t easy. Many cat parents refuse to feed their kitties anything but one type of food. This decision totally makes sense because we always want to avoid anything that would cause our cat discomfort – but is only feeding one type of food really in our cat’s best interest?

Actually, no. You see, cats need variety in their diets to help create a diverse microbiome in their gut. This helps strengthen gut health and provide protection against illness. Feeding only one type of food is actually not good for the digestive health of cats because it provides no divers microbiome. On a side note, could you imagine how boring life would be if you had to eat the same meals every single day?

However – diet sensitivity for some cats is no joke. Some cats are so sensitive that every time you feed a new food, they get diarrhea or even bloody stools. This can be super scary – and why it seems better to just return to whatever old diet didn’t cause upset!

However, if your cat with a sensitive tummy has already been checked by a vet for a digestive disorder and isn’t allergic to any ingredients in the new food, the issue could be that the digestive tract is just confused. Have you ever been on a strict diet and then suddenly went off of it? Whether you went from fast food to vegetables or the other way around, a quick shift in diet can look really messy at first.

How to help your cat eat a different food safely

It’s good to slowly transition sensitive cats from one diet to the next. A transition allows the gut to slowly recognize the new food as acceptable. The process may take days or weeks at the beginning, but over time you’ll see that your cat’s tummy is getting stronger and able to handle new foods much better.

And you can rest peacefully knowing that you’re providing your cat with the diverse diet he needs to live a longer, happier and healthier life!


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