Vegetables often get a bad rap in the feline health world. It’s believed that because cats are obligate carnivores, they should not eat produce. While it’s true that there are some vegetables that can be toxic to kitties, does that mean all veggies bad for cats?

The answer is actually no.

So let’s clear up one thing first. I’ve heard several people say that cats lack the digestive enzyme – amylase – needed to break down vegetable matter. While it’s true that they do not produce this enzyme in their saliva, their pancreas creates bountiful amylase to utilize vegetables as needed.

Cats are indeed obligate carnivores and thus require animal protein to survive. In fact, the majority of their diet should consist of quality meat, organs, etc. A cat that is fed a vegetarian or vegan diet will slowly waste away due to the nutritional ‘abuse’ on her body. That being said, kitties can definitely benefit from a small amount of veggies.

Onions and too much garlic should be avoided, as they can be toxic to cats. Green leafy vegetables are our recommendation.

Are Veggies Bad For Cats?

Vegetables come with a host of benefits. Aside from the amazing nutrients and antioxidant properties in green leafy veggies, feeding a small amount of this to our cats helps expand and diversify their microbiome. This is another reason why we recommend feeding a variety of foods to your kitties. Studies show that a diversified microbiome promotes a super healthy immune system.

The healthier the immune system, the less the risk of disease. If we want our cats to live the long and healthy lives they deserve, why not provide the added benefit of some vegetables in their diet?

Fermented vegetables are the most bio-available to cats, but steaming them slightly is also a way to feed them. Simply add a teaspoon or two to their food daily and see the difference some green can make!


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