We are fun-loving cat parents and we absolutely love what we do. And sometimes it helps to be reminded why we do what we do… Flipping through some old photos, we found a picture of our beloved Tigee. He was gone too soon and so young from FeLV. We now know it didn’t need to be this way. We now know there is so much that could have (and should have) been done – long before it was too late. And we don’t want anyone to experience the grief and regret we do. So why do we talk to so many fellow cat parents about what they feed their kitties and suggest supplemental care for them? Because a cat’s body can heal itself.

I know this may sound crazy to some. If I had read those words after we lost Tigee, I might have rolled my eyes and walked away. But it’s true. And, had I known this truth many years ago, he might still be alive. This is why I feel it’s so important to share this information with you.

A cat’s body can heal itself.

You see, cats were made to live in the wild. While most of us believe that they are fully domesticated now – they’re not. Cats are obligate carnivores (unlike scavenging carnivore dogs) – obligate meaning ‘by necessity’. Their bodies require minimal ingredients and optimal nutrients to survive.

Our friend is a homeopathic doctor and has successfully treated thousands of people in the same way we approach cat health. The proven concept is the same. The body wants to be healthy and has powerful mechanisms to heal itself. When your cat has an infection, the only treatment available through the conventional route is antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the bacteria, but also weakens their immune system in the process – ironically making your beloved kitty prone to more infection. By taking the natural route you can treat the infection by building their immune system. That way, your cat’s body fights the infection and becomes stronger all at the same time. 🙂

See? It’s not just the safer route. It’s the safest route.

So why don’t we see happy commercials about these proven treatments? Sadly, pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to encourage this kind of health management. Their business is to create a ‘pill for every ill.’

The same thing goes for steroids and yearly vaccines. These chemicals tear down their immune systems and make cats more susceptible to other ailments. There are so many natural products and healthy diets that can help lower inflammation, build a strong immunity to infections and help cats live longer lives – we just don’t hear about them much.

Let me be very clear: We are, by no means, anti-medicine. We know that there’s a time and a place for traditional medical treatments and we’re grateful for what they have to offer in emergency situations. However we, as cat parents, have come to put our sole trust in the medical field in too many situations. This is why the Two Crazy Cat Ladies are so adamant in the message that a cat’s body can heal itself. 

The only missing link in allowing our cat’s bodies to heal themselves is the nutrients that we give them. In the wild they get these nutrients naturally and instinctively. They know what their bodies’ need to thrive and survive. Once they become a part of our families, we control their nutrient intake. Ensuring that they get the diet and supplementation needed to give them the fully balanced nutrients will do two things. It will help cats heal from specific ailments, and help prevent future problems as well – giving our kitties the long and healthy lives they deserve.


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