Many cat parents may not invest a lot of thought in the foods they feed their cats. It’s easy to grab a bag or can of cat food just because the label says it’s good for our babies. But labels like ‘organic’, ‘real meat’ ‘complete nutrition’  and others are often nothing more than marketing ploys. In addition, it can also be easy to assume that government regulations will ensure the quality and content of our cat’s food… maintaining a standard that is safe for consumption and containing the essential ingredients our cats need.

But did you know that ALL commercially prepared and processed cat foods are lacking many of the necessary nutrients for complete cat nutrition? To translate… fancy labels and government regulations don’t ensure the basic nutrition our cats need for a long and healthy life. This is why we are so passionate about real nutrition and proper supplementation. Research shows that feeding a raw, species specific diet is the best for our feline friends, but there is still much we can do to improve our cat’s diets – even if (like us) we feed a high quality wet or dry diet – and it doesn’t require a degree in ‘feline food’.

Here are the basics; whenever we cook food it loses nutrients. Any cat food that you purchase in a bag or a can is severely cooked. They cook the crap outta that stuff – so as to avoid any diseases that might have been in the ingredients that the government allows in our cat food. So as long as we are feeding our cats kibble or canned foods (even the very best available), they’re not getting the ‘missing link‘ nutrients they need for optimized health.

The good news is that products like ours are created to close the gap between a natural (raw) diet and commercially processed cat food. You don’t have to sacrifice the convenience of these foods for the sake of better cat nutrition. By simply adding in these missing links to your cats daily dish – you can ensure that they’re still getting many of the nutrients and essential enzymes that were killed when their food was processed and cooked.

There are several, well known nutritional veterinarians and researchers who preach this same message on a daily basis – because basic nutrition is so very important. Cats are masters at masking pain, and many times we don’t realize a chronic condition has developed until it’s too late. We humans know the importance of eating our fruits and vegetables, we know fast food diets and processed foods lead to many chronic conditions and that so many of these issues can be prevented by a proper diet. It’s the same for our fur babies… and it’s never too early to begin providing the best nutrition we can! Side effects may include a much longer, healthier, happier life!


Missing Link


CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula – 2 oz



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