Many commercial pet food companies are including corn products in cat food – even after evidence shows the harm it creates. They do this because it’s an inexpensive way to add more protein to the diet. Plant protein is cheaper than meat protein so helps to maximizes profits for these corporations.

Corn isn’t biologically appropriate for cats, meaning they don’t have a nutritional requirement for it. Cats digestive tracts are designed to consume and process animal meat and organs efficiently. They do not, however, digest corn correctly. Kitties eating corn products in their cat food tend to vomit much more than others. When consumed on a daily basis, this ingredient gets “clogged” in their system and comes back up. We also see cats vomit more hairballs on a corn based diet because of this.

The corn products in cat food are usually genetically modified, which has proven to cause severe liver and kidney disease in lab tested rats. Even if the corn isn’t genetically modified, this ingredient is linked to numerous health issues in cats.

Why are they still putting corn products in cat food?

The short answer is because corn is a cheap ingredient and pet food companies are allowed to classify it as protein. Since cat parents know that their kitties need a high protein diet, pet food companies are able to deceive us into believing that their food is good for our cats.

Bottom line is that our cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they must consume animal meat to survive. Feeding them plant ingredients like corn not only causes inflammation and illness, but acts as a filler for the ingredients they need.

Check the ingredients in your cat’s food. If you see corn as an ingredient (also called maize), start searching for a new and improved food with meat listed as the first 5 ingredients.



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