It’s important to be mindful of what we feed our cats on a daily basis. Science is showing us that the typical ‘cat food’ is often leading to an unhealthy life for indoor cats.

It sounds harsh, but what we feed our cats leads to either health or disease. There’s not much middle ground. The food is either good for their bodies – or it’s not.

What should you be feeding your cat?

We feed our cats a balanced, species appropriate, fresh food diet. We feed them raw, human grade ingredients because that’s what their bodies were created to consume. Just like humans, cats will be healthier eating fresh food rather than processed.

A little bit of healthy food can go a long way in the life of pets. Many cat parents have a hard time transitioning their kitties to a healthier diet. Cats can be finicky when it comes to their food – we all know that.

But what if you were feeding your cat 20% less of processed food and replacing it with 20% of fresh? That’s not a huge amount. After all, our kitties’ stomachs are the size of a ping pong ball. They don’t need much.

Studies show that replacing this very small percentage of your cat’s food with healthy ingredients can reduce their risk of disease by up to 90%!!! That’s a BIG difference for a small amount of change in diet.

And, better yet, it’s not going to break the bank by adding in a little fresh to the bowl. If you buy food for yourself at the market, you can just make it a one-stop-shop for you and your cat!

We encourage you to start feeding your cat health today. In small or large amounts, feeding a healthy diet will help ensure that you keep your kitty around for a long time!



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