Ah the joy of our sometimes stinky little kitties. Flatulence is a part of life. While many of us would like to say our cats don’t fart, the truth is – they do. So do you, by the way. But did you know that catnip can help cat farts? Who’da thunk it?

Just like humans, there are many different reasons that cats get gas. Diet, however, is usually the culprit. The fillers within many commercial cat foods contain many ingredients that our kitties simply cannot digest well. Soy, corn, wheat, peas and other grains and starches will cause digestive upset in our feline friends.

When we eat a bunch of unhealthy fast food we get gas too. Commercial kibble bought in big box stores is the equivalent of us eating McDonald’s every meal. If you are feeding one of these foods it’s likely that you’ve encountered quite a few cat farts in your lifetime. In this case, it would be good to switch up the diet a bit and offer some more fresh food to your kitty.

Most of the time you shouldn’t worry if you catch your kitty floofing. But if your cat farts too often, it can be cause for concern. Flatulence can also be a symptom of parasites like tapeworms or roundworms. Another cause could be the result of a digestive tract problem within your cat. If the gas seems excessive, take your kitty to the vet to get checked out.

Catnip for Cat Farts

We recently learned that catnip is a carminative – which means that it helps remove air in the intestines. There are teas that you can make with catnip and add a little to your farting cat’s wet food to help relieve the gas. Many times the cat farts are brought on by stress as well, and catnip is very well known as a feline stress reducer.

So, if you’ve got a farting kitty, make sure to keep extra catnip in the home. You can also use Oxy-Cat for gas. We do. For ourselves and our cats. 🙂


Natural Supplement for Gas


Oxy-Cat 1 oz



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