Roundworms in cats are very common. In fact, they are the most common parasitic worm found inside felines. Almost all cats are infected with roundworms at some point in their lifetime but kittens and pregnant mama cats are the most vulnerable.

How Do Cats Get Roundworms?

Your kitty can ingest infective roundworm eggs by eating infected feces or small animals like mice that carry the larvae. Kittens can also get infected with roundworms from their mother’s milk. Cats who are indoor/outdoor or have exposure to other animals who are outdoor are more likely to acquire roundworms. Cats that are exclusively indoor are rarely at risk for contracting this parasite.

What Do Roundworms Look Like?

Roundworms are usually about 2-5 inches long and look a lot like spaghetti noodles. They are white or light brown in color and you will find them in your cat’s poop or vomit. It’s also not unusual to find them clinging to your cat’s rear end.

What Are the Symptoms?

Cats with roundworms do not usually show symptoms until the infestation becomes significant. These little parasites can actually lay up to 100,000 eggs in your cat’s intestines in a single day – which means that it is possible for the problem to escalate quickly. Once the infestation has grown, symptoms such as vomiting, weight loss, a bloated looking belly or a dull coat will occur. Because you don’t see symptoms until the roundworms have multiplied, prevention is highly recommended for at-risk (especially outdoor) cats.

How Can I Treat & Prevent Roundworms in Cats?

There are many de-worming medications on the market that your vet may recommend or prescribe for roundworms. However, because there are possible harsh side-effects to the chemicals within many de-wormers, we recommend natural treatments and natural prevention. WormX is a very inexpensive way to both treat and prevent roundworms in cats without the worry of harsh chemicals or toxins. This product is extracted completely from plants and has been known to work faster and more effectively than regular treatments. Adding a small amount to wet food, once a month, is great for prevention as well.

Recommended Product for Roundworms

Worm eX



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