Those of us who’ve been cat parents for awhile have all experienced a finicky cat… or two. It happens! Cats are more like people than like dogs, so they can be particular about a lot of things – especially if we try to sneak something in their food.

Supplements are essential for our cats, as they can help enhance the diet and extend the lives of our kitties. We recommend adding healthy supplementation to your cat’s food regularly.

A picky cat can make it doubly difficult when it comes to giving them supplements or medicines. This is where we have to bring out our ‘trickery’ skills to keep them happy and healthy.

How To Give Your Finicky Cat Supplements

We always recommend feeding a diverse diet to our cats because it helps lessen their pickiness – and provides some good health benefits as well. When cats are used to smelling and eating different flavors, they are less likely to be finicky when you add something new to their food. Mix up the proteins, brands and flavors that you feed and you’ll have a less picky and actually happier cat.

I mean, would you want to eat the same thing for every meal?

Here are a couple tips for your picky kitties:

  1. Start small. If the dosage on your product is “one full scoop”, start by only adding a pinch at a time and work up to that full scoop. Sometimes the aroma of a full dosage is overwhelming to our cats, so just adding a little at a time gets them used to it.
  2. Disguise the supplements. This is the greatest form of trickery and has worked well for our kitties. Add a food topper or tuna water to the wet food with the supplements. Whatever flavor is your cat’s absolute favorite of all time. This makes them excited about their food and hardly notice the supplement. For most supplements you won’t need to do this every time, but it’s a good way to get started and introduce them to a healthy addition to their food.

 Don’t let your finicky cat stop you from giving her the best life and nutrition possible! Take it slow, be patient and don’t give up!



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