Last week was a historic week for cats! When we started Two Crazy Cat Ladies, LLC three years ago, it was very difficult to find information and resources just for cats. Last week, Dr. Karen Becker helped change that for all cat parents by hosting Cat Week Extravaganza!

Every day of the week she interviewed experts in cat behavior, common cat issues, integrative treatments, nutrition, supplementation and diet. An absolute wealth of knowledge for all cat parents! If you haven’t already, make time to check out all of Dr. Becker’s interviews here.

Dr. Karen Becker Interviews Two Crazy Cat Ladies

We were so excited to be included in this epic week! We had the pleasure of discussing the tricky topic of transitioning cats to a healthier diet – especially older kitties. All cats have a reputation for being somewhat finicky and older cats can seem particularly picky. We walk through the transitioning process and also address some of the stereotypes that surround our aging cats.

The topic of ‘senior’ kitties is close to our hearts. With our oldest turning 21 this year, we are sensitive to vets, friends or client referring to cats as ‘old’ at 10 – 12 years old. In fact, we are stunned that the professional community considers cats to be senior at 7-11 years old, and geriatric at 12+ years old.

Certainly there are issues that come with aging. We all begin to degenerate from the moment we’re born… but I wouldn’t let someone get away with calling me a senior or geriatric lady while I’m so obviously in my prime! 🙂 Cats can also be in their prime during this time. For many cats, 10-12 years old is just middle age.

We feel strongly that labeling cats as old at this age, allows the stereotypes that go along with this label to compromise some of the best years of their life. Check out our interview with Dr. Karen Becker below, and don’t forget to enjoy all the Cat Week Extravaganza interviews when you have time. Your cats will thank you!



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