To know us is to know that we support giving supplements to cats. For felines (specifically), it’s hard to get every added nutrient into their bodies with whole foods, so supplementation can be a big help.

But do you know WHY you’re giving supplements to your cats?

Just adding in some supplements that you heard good reviews about isn’t recommended by us because it’s important to know why you’re doing this.

You see, the definition of supplement is, “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.” We supplement to enhance our kitties’ diet and we credit their great health to this in large part.

Why Do You Give Supplements To Cats?

The two main reasons people give supplements to cats is for prevention or treatment. Supplements are great for both of these, but do you know what you’re trying to treat or prevent?

As cats age, their joints can become stiff and they may start to slow down. Giving natural feline supplements to cats with joint issues is a great way to help put a little pep-in-their-step and slow the progress of degeneration. We recommend starting your kitty on a healthy joint supplement before you see any issues of pain or stiffness – so you can help prevent them from happening.

Cats with other health issues can also benefit from supplementation – but it’s best to research how the supplement works before purchasing. Most supplement companies will be delighted to explain how their products work, so just contact them directly and ask!

The three supplements we recommend all cats take for prevention of common issue are: Digestive enzymes, omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics. Even if your kitty is fed a species appropriate diet, chances are that these 3 supplements are still lacking in the ingredients. And (you guessed it) they are basically void in processed cat food.

Giving your cat supplement you know and trust is important. Knowing why you are supplementing – and how it benefits your kitty – is equally, if not more important.


Recommended Supplement for All Cats


CATastic Wellness Kit



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