How To Help Obesity In Cats

Obesity in cats is becoming an epidemic across the world, with the latest statistic showing 59.5% of overweight kitties in the United States alone. Obesity is a leading cause of disease in cats, so why aren’t we doing something to fix this? Everyone’s...
Top 10 Must Do’s When Adopting New Kittens

Top 10 Must Do’s When Adopting New Kittens

One of our most frequently asked questions this week was about how to properly care for newly adopted kittens. We asked our coworker, Lindsay, to make a list of things she finds important when adopting new kittens, and she came up with a fantastic list that we want to...

Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet?

Since I was a kid I’ve been told that cats always land on their feet when they jump or fall. I thought it must be a special skill – unique to felines – because Lord knows I don’t land on my feet when I fall. However, it’s interesting (and...
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