MYTH: Senior Cats Need Less Meat

We’ve all heard from our vets that senior cats need less protein in their diets. This is categorically untrue and can be harmful to our older kitties. You see, one of the most common ailments that felines encounter, and unfortunately pass from is chronic kidney...
Ingredients In Prescription Diets For Cats

Ingredients In Prescription Diets For Cats

Here’s the thing, friends. Have you ever actually read the ingredients in prescription diets? If so, did you know what you were reading? Did you question those ingredients?Maybe you should.You see, prescription diets for cats have a purpose and sometimes it just...

Want To Avoid Feline Kidney Disease?

Feline kidney disease is officially an epidemic in the cat world. One out of every three cats are diagnosed with renal failure – and it’s one of the leading causes of death in cats. The biggest problem with kidney disease in cats is that we rarely see the...
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