We often emphasize the importance of regular vet checkups for kitties, but if your cat is over 10 years of age this is uber important! Cats are fragile beings. Their health can change quickly without us knowing it – and older cats are especially susceptible to illness.

We used to only take our cats to the vet when they were sick. The problem with this approach is that cats are stoic beings and mask their pain. By the time we see signs of illness it’s often too late to reverse. We learned this lesson the hard way.

And we don’t want you to learn this the hard way too.

If your cat is over 10, please make an appointment for a wellness check and blood panel. I know that it can get expensive when you have multiple cats, but the cost of not doing this is just too much to pay.

Did you know that there are ways to slow down or even stop many cat health issues like renal failure or hyperthyroidism? If you take your older cat in for checkups and catch these issues early enough, you might be able to save them (and yourself) from unnecessary pain.

If money is the issue, spread out the visits to align with your paychecks. That’s the cool thing about wellness checkups… you can plan them in advance. This isn’t the case when you suddenly have to rush to the vet in an emergency situation. Let’s be proactive and do our best to avoid those emergencies.

A balanced, species appropriate diet – coupled with supplemental support – is great for older cats. This is another good way to prevent health issues from escalating quickly.

Honestly, we don’t consider cats “old” at 10 years of age, but the medical field does. Cats can easily live to be 20-30 years old if they are well loved and cared for, both nutritionally and environmentally. We want to be the cat parents that prove this to be true by being proactive and getting those 6 month checkups – and we hope you do too!


Recommended Product for Older Cats

B12 for Cats




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